Your Annual Flu Vaccination Is Now Due

This year’s flu vaccination programme is more important than ever due to Coronavirus. However, due social distancing and the need to ensure we’re COVID-19 secure, we will be running out clinics slightly differently as we’ll explain a little later on.

Importantly, you are eligible for the flu vaccine this year and we definitely recommend it! The vaccination is free and will be given by a quick and simple injection into the upper arm.

So, if you would like to have the flu vaccine, please book an appointment into one of our special clinics being held from 30th September.

If you cannot stand for 10 to 15 minutes, please let reception know when booking the appointment – all is explained in the absolutely, essential information below.

You can book online using the NHSApp or your SystmOne Online account from 7th September 2020 or by phone from 14th September!

We look forward to seeing you at one of our clinics.

Essential Information

Please read to ensure you keep yourself and others safe! Come prepared!

1. Wear suitable clothing so that your upper arm is quickly and easily accessible.

2. Please bring a face covering with you. You will be asked to wear it whilst in the Surgery.

3. Ensure you arrive promptly for your appointment – not too early and definitely not late, you’ll be turned away.

4. Please ensure you attend alone, or with your carer if required, to the appointment. Only patients being vaccinated (and carers) will be allowed into the Practice. If there are more of you, expect to be refused entry.

5. Only come if you feel well! You (and your carer) will be screened for Coronavirus by being asked the latest vetting questions and having temperatures checked. Anyone responding positively will be asked to go home and re-book the appointment.

6. Once in the waiting room:
a. If you attend Millstream Medical Centre• Be aware that other patients waiting for routine doctor/nurse appointments may also be waiting

  • You will be greeted by a clinician and invited into a consulting room. During the consultation, the clinician will discuss information about influenza and the vaccine.
  • You’ll be asked to leave through our different exit

b. If you attend Salisbury Plain Health Centre (Larkhill)

  • Be aware that up to 6 patients will be in the waiting room standing in an allocated zone to uphold social distancing at 2m. All patients will be attending for their vaccination.
  • You will be asked to watch an information video about influenza and the vaccination. Be prepared to stand whilst watching the video! If you can’t do this, let reception know when booking the appointment
  • Once you’ve watched the video, you (and your carer) will be steered to an allocated consulting room for the vaccination.
  • You will be asked to sit on a chair just inside the consulting room. Be assured, the chair will be wiped clean between patients. If you have any questions about influenza or the vaccine, please ask the clinician at this point. If you need to lie down to have the vaccine, please let reception know when booking the appointment.